Creative Ignition Circles

What are Creative Ignition Circles?

Each Creative Ignition Circle is a small, exclusive group of my inner circle peeps who are ready to charge forward with their creative commitments. It combines elements of a mastermind alliance and group coaching. And because the Creative Ignition Circle is professionally facilitated (by me!), you won’t have to worry about the meetings dissolving into a “chat session” (as peer-led masterminds so often do!)

Genius happens in groups.

Many minds together come up with more creative solutions, more quickly, than one mind alone. Plus there’s power and support in numbers.

So drawing on that special power, I’m now offering a special experience for a small group of creatives.

Get personal attention to help you bust through whatever blocks are in your way, but in a supportive group setting. (And for less $ than One-on-One consulting.)


Circles are limited to a maximum of 4 members only. To get on the advance notice list, just fill out the form below, confirm your address, and you’ll get first dibs when I open the doors.

What’s in it for me?

Participation in my Creative Ignition Circle will help you:

  • Increase your confidence
  • Create real progress in your creative life
  • Add an instant and valuable support network
  • Get honest advice, feedback and brainstorming
  • Borrow on my experience and skills, and those of the other members
  • Create action plans and have built-in accountability for keeping your commitments
  • Receive fresh insights into yourself and how you work
  • Get regular encouragement and cheering-on
  • Feel a sense of a shared endeavor – you are not alone!

What’s involved?

  • a weekly group phone call, via a private conference line
  • recordings of all the calls, so you can refer back as often as you like
  • individual coaching and support as needed, with the loving attention of the group
  • a private way to interact with the group online (on your own time) in between phone calls

Cool! So how do I get in?

First, let me just acknowledge that the Creative Ignition Circle is not for everyone. A group like this requires readiness and commitment.

Plus I only have room for 4, max, in each Circle.

If this has perked up your ears, add your name to the Creative Ignition Circle advance notice list with the form below and I’ll let you know when I’m taking registrations for the next Circle.

Now go get creating!

xo, Melissa

YES! I want first dibs on the next Creative Ignition Circle!