Setting Your Direction for 2012 with a Life Balance Compass

Life Balance CompassThe Day of Genius is just over two weeks away! The whole day is going to be great fun (watch the new video, complete with blue hair and distracting kitty, right here) and I’m especially excited about my seminar, Your Map to Happiness in 2012.

I’ve put together a workbook of fun worksheets to help Day of Genius ticket-holders get the most out of the experience, and just because I can and it’s the end of the year and holiday season and all that, I decided to share them with you, my blog readers, in a series of posts over the next couple of weeks.

The end goal? To create a colorful, collaged vision map of your goals and dreams for 2012.

We’ll be going back to kindergarten, so get ready to dig out the glue stick and crayons at the end of this series. Whether or not you’re able to join us at the Day of Genius, I hope the worksheets you find here will help get you sparked up for a creative and productive 2012!

The Power of Focusing

If you’re anything like me, your dreams and goals are all over the map (no pun intended), and there are a lot of them. If I were to lead you in a grounding & centering exercise to get you relaxed and energized, and then just set you loose to create a collage of your 2012 goals, it might be a ton of fun, but it probably wouldn’t have a lot of focus or clarity.

Just like a magnifying glass can focus the diffuse light of the sun to build up heat and actually start a fire, when you hone in and focus, you concentrate your powers in a way that not only feels more satisfying, it allows you to create much greater change.

And what we’re going after here is change! Transformation. Movement from the “now” picture, to the picture where you’re living out your biggest, wildest, most delicious dreams and goals.

It’s hard to create wonderfulness from a place of “I suck; my life sucks,” so whenever aiming for transformation, it’s a good idea to start out by noticing what’s going well already, where you already shine. In my last post I gave you a worksheet to get you focused on what you’ve already created  in your life, to remind you of your power, scare off the Suck Duck, and put you in a positive frame of mind.

Today I have for you a worksheet to help you focus on the specific areas of your life where you’d like to see the most growth.

Honing in on Where You’re Out-of-Balance

Whether or not you come to the Day of Genius, if you decide to create a vision map at the end of this series of posts and worksheets, consider focusing on one or two primary areas where you’d like to see the most growth. It’s certainly not a requirement, but something to think about. (You can always make additional vision maps later to focus in on additional areas. In fact I strongly encourage it!) The Life Balance Compass worksheet will help you figure out what those primary areas are.

Have fun!

Download my free Life Balance Compass worksheet, and use it to help you identify your 8 core life priorities, and then gauge which of those directions are wanting the most care and attention right now.

When you’re done, check in with yourself — what did you learn? Did anything surprise you? How will this worksheet inform how you’ll create your vision map?

Then let me know what you thought of this exercise, either here or over on the LACL Facebook page.

And be sure to come back in a few days for the next piece (and another free worksheet)!

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xo, Melissa <3

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