Who doesn’t, right? But how do you know where to even start?

Wouldn’t It Be Nice to Have a User’s Manual?


Imagine if you had a guide to help you:

  • bust the self-installed glass ceilings over your dreams…
  • stop just dreaming and start doing
  • harness those butterflies in your stomach and make them fly in formation…
  • get out of perfectionist paralysis and moving forward…
  • learn ninja gremlin-whispering techniques to bring your inner voices of self-doubt and self-criticism to heel…

Well guess what… It’s coming!

Your Big, Bold, Creative Life:
A User’s Manual

Everything I’ve learned in over four decades of operating my own Big, Bold, Creative Life and in coaching and teaching clients, all the goodies I teach in my course, Your Big, Bold, Creative Life (formerly Time to Glow), packed into one handy guidebook.

Here’s a thumbnail concept sketch I did for the cover design:

Your Big, Bold, Creative Life: A User's Manual - thumbnail concept sketch

I’m in the process of writing the book right now (24,565 words and counting), and YOU can help me make it as awesome as possible! Just sign up in the form at the right to get on the insiders list.

You’ll get:

  • early-bird access to presale bonuses
  • behind-the-scenes updates on the book, and the experience of writing, publishing and promoting (the “Book Report”)
  • updates on the book tour (I’ll be looking for venues, housing, help with organizing…)
  • the chance to get a free review copy of the manuscript

Plus, if you sign up early, you’ll even get the chance to help me determine what gets covered in the book!

Just type your name and email into the form at the right, and click the link in the confirmation email, and you’re golden. Then watch your inbox for updates (and don’t worry, there won’t be a ton of email — just enough to keep you informed of the good stuff).

Yay! Here we go!

xo, Melissa <3

PS – Let your friends and family know about it, too (ooh, it makes me sweat to ask that — scary!) Your shout-out means a lot, so thanks for your help!

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