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Living a creative life is not about being “an artist.” It’s about going after your dreams, whatever they are. It’s about living an authentic life, the life you want–not the one your parents, or your friends, or television or your co-workers think you should have.

Living a creative life means looking your fears and self-doubt in the face, and stepping forward in spite of them.

Living a creative life means allowing yourself to be imperfect, allowing yourself to be a beginner, allowing yourself to play.

Melissa Dinwiddie of Living A Creative LifeHi, I’m Melissa! I’m a creator on a mission to empower YOU to feed your own creative hungers and live the big, bold, creative life you really want. It’s a movement, baby! Read more about me…

Great ClutterBust - Holiday Edition Great ClutterBust Enrolling NOW!

Whether it’s physical clutter that’s weighing you down, or “to-do list” clutter, digital clutter, or any kind of clutterthe Great ClutterBust will make it FUN to get it DONE!

Think spaciousness. Freedom. Clarity. Serenity. When you clear your clutter, all of these appear as if by magic.

The Holiday Edition of the Great ClutterBust officially starts on November 12, but register today and get immediate access to our private community to get a jump on your transformation now. Click here to read all about it and register…

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Creative Ignition Kit - 30 days to get sparked!Creative Ignition Kit

A 30-day toolbox of goodies and inspiration to get you — and keep you — doing your creative thing, even just for 15 minutes a day, for a whole month. Click here to read all about it and buy now.

Playshop In A BoxPlayshop in a Box

Ready to play with some paint? Get creatively recharged & rejuvenated with this 90-minute playshop, plus an hour’s worth of video tutorials sharing a whole passel of my secret art techniques! Click here to read more and buy now.

If you need someone who has your back and can help you get to the place you belong – run, don’t walk, in this woman’s direction!

Laureen Marchand,

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[New Paintings] Icebreaker & Breakthrough – Mixed Media on Canvas

When I discovered Golden Crackle Paste, I fell in love. There’s something about crackly textures that has always appealed to me. Crackly furniture! Crackly pottery! I love the crackles! As I’ve worked with crackle paste, though, the cracks in my paintings...

The Sweetie Saturday Initiative

Yesterday was the first day of the new Sweetie Saturday Initiative, here at Living A Creative Life HQ. The Sweetie Saturday Initiative is an expansion on Date Night, which MM and I established two or three years ago, when I realized that I was starting to rigidify...

[New Painting] Hello Hope, Hello Determination

Yes, I am going to share a new painting with you, along with process pics of its creation. Before I do that, though, some background… A few years ago I created a short painting e-course, my Playshop-in-a-Box, with about an hour’s worth of video tutorials...

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