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Melissa Dinwiddie - artist, performer, creativity instigator Hi, I'm Melissa Dinwiddie - Artist, Perfomer, Creativity Instigator. I envision a world where creative expression is treated and accepted as a normal part of daily life, as essential as eating or brushing your teeth.

Where every human on the planet is encouraged to nurture and nourish their innate creativity, to take creative risks, and to honor and pursue their creative callings, from birth onwards, forever, regardless of age, gender, race, class, or anything else.

Where all people feed their creative hungers, boldly do their art, and uninhibitedly share their work, even when it scares them, because they understand that doing so is an important, world-changing act, and the Universe needs them to create.
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Too Many “Shoulds” & Not Enough Focus?

Hot Mess Strategy SessionGot more ideas than you know what to do with? Or just having a hard time prioritizing the many demands on your time? Sign up for a “Hot Mess” Strategy Session and let’s get you to your Next Step, and an action plan to take you onwards from there. Two hours of laser-focus, and a champion in your corner.
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Watercolor postcard - daily painting by Melissa Dinwiddie

The Truth About Balance

When I was 23, I learned something about balance that I never forgot. That was the year I taught 3- and 4-year olds at a nursery school in the Berkeley Hills. I did not know back then that I was an artist. I did not know I was creative in the least. In fact, I thought I was the must uncreative … [Read More...]

Let's Party - mixed media abstract painting by Melissa Dinwiddie

Three Heads Ups and Some Comic (Musical) Relief

First Heads Up: More Reasons to Do Your Art If you've followed me for any time at all, hopefully you've already been armed with a whole trunk full of reasons for why getting to your creative thing is essential, not self-indulgent or frivolous. If you want more reasons, though, this article that … [Read More...]

Shy Rabbit - mixed media abstract painting by Melissa Dinwiddie

How to Photograph Small, White, Textured Paintings

There's a lot more involved in the business of being an artist than making art, as any working artist will tell you, and it's the behind-the-scenes stuff that often drives us crazy! Case in point: photography. In order to send out paintings in my ArtSpark Newsletter, and post them for sale or … [Read More...]

If you need someone who has your back and can help you get to the place you belong – run, don’t walk, in this woman’s direction!

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I've learned more from your classes in these 9 weeks than from seeing a psychologist for 24 years.


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Ladder - 5" x 5" mixed media abstract daily painting by Melissa Dinwiddie
6" x 6" mixed media abstract painting by Melissa Dinwiddie
6" x 6" mixed media abstract painting by Melissa Dinwiddie