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Living a creative life is not about being “an artist.” It’s about going after your dreams, whatever they are. It’s about living an authentic life, the life you want–not the one your parents, or your friends, or television or your co-workers think you should have.

Living a creative life means looking your fears and self-doubt in the face, and stepping forward in spite of them.

Living a creative life means allowing yourself to be imperfect, allowing yourself to be a beginner, allowing yourself to play.

Living a creative life means no more waiting until you have the time, or until you have it all together, but just starting.

Melissa Dinwiddie of Living A Creative LifeHi, I’m Melissa! Artist, writer, performer, inspirationalist, creativity instigator, passion pluralite, on a mission to empower YOU to feed your own creative hungers and live the big, bold, creative life you really want. It’s a movement, baby! Read more about me…

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