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Melissa Dinwiddie - artist, performer, happiness catalyst, creativity instigator Hi, I'm Melissa Dinwiddie - Artist, Perfomer, Happiness Catalyst, Creativity Instigator. I used to live my life in shades of grey, denying my creative urges, but I've learned that feeding creative hungers is a direct route to joy and self-fulfillment.

Now I'm on a mission to empower you to live a full-color life.

If you want to be happier and more joyful, feel more alive, and make a more positive impact on the world, I've got a passel of tools and strategies to infuse your life with color.

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Too Many “Shoulds” & Not Enough Focus?

Hot Mess Strategy SessionGot more ideas than you know what to do with? Or just having a hard time prioritizing the many demands on your time? Sign up for a “Hot Mess” Strategy Session and let’s get you to your Next Step, and an action plan to take you onwards from there. Two hours of laser-focus, and a champion in your corner.
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Spark Session slide: 10 Rules for the Creative Sandbox. 1. There is no wrong.

Creative Sandbox Rules

{Watch the video below for a musical rendition of the above} My Rules for the Creative Sandbox have been a foundation of my full-color creative life over the past five years. The poster hangs on the wall of my studio, and I refer to it almost daily. My mini-course, Creative Sandbox 101, has … [Read More...]

Growing - 6" x 6" mixed media abstract daily painting by Melissa Dinwiddie

Before You Beat Yourself Up (Again), Remember These 5 Words

When professor of Counseling Psychology Shauna Shapiro was 19 or 20, she spent twelve days at a silent retreat in a monastery in Thailand. This was her first experience with meditation, and nobody around her spoke English, but she figured out that she was supposed to sit quietly and focus on her … [Read More...]

If you need someone who has your back and can help you get to the place you belong – run, don’t walk, in this woman’s direction!

-Laureen Marchand,

I've learned more from your classes in these 9 weeks than from seeing a psychologist for 24 years.


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Artworks for sale/auction from my (almost) daily paintings sessions in the Creative Sandbox.

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Dreaming Angel Dog - 6" x 6" mixed media abstract daily painting by Melissa Dinwiddie
Alligator Balloon Party 6" x 6" mixed media abstract daily painting by Melissa Dinwiddie
Goddess - 6" x 6" mixed media abstract daily painting by Melissa Dinwiddie