panicky gremlin in a matchbox roller-coasterTired of those pesky gremlins of self-doubt holding you back?

Sick of the same old excuses ("I don't have time," "I don't even know where to start," "I'll never be good enough,") but not sure how to get past them?

Don't you wish you could just get beyond all this gunk and get back to the creative joy you felt as a kid?

No pressure, just play.

But as an adult, in a safe space...

...where you can play freely, and work at honing your skills...

...where you're not alone, but surrounded by a supportive circle of kindreds, who model kindness and courage, and help you back up when you feel down.

I've got just the ticket!

Jump on in the Creative Sandbox!

Melissa Dinwiddie - creativity instigator, and your secret weapon!The Creative Sandbox is my private membership community designed to clear out those "stuckness" gremlins and turn your creative taps to "permanently on."

But it's so much more than just a membership community...

I'm Melissa Dinwiddie, creativity instigator and ninja gremlin-whisperer — my super-power is creating safe environments for risk-taking, and helping you master your own gremlins of self-doubt in order to get creating.

Monthly membership in the Creative Sandbox is your access to my community of incredible women creators, and the lessons, programs, and resources I've designed and compiled to help you play and experiment with your creative expression, while moving your life forward in all sorts of other ways, too.

Here's a Sampling of What Can Happen In the Creative Sandbox: 

• (Re)Discover the joy of creative play.

• Learn to have more fun.

• Explore new creative passions.

• Become more prolific.

• Watch your dreams expand.


• Embrace your enoughness.

• Learn to treat yourself with love.

• Take bigger risks.

• Make lifelong friends.

Watch your life go from grey to full-color!

  • Omaste Witkowski, Photographer<br>
    I love the sandbox because it is a great place to be creative with other like minded people. It is easy to feel disconnected and this group makes me feel connected 24/7. A special place to meet special people. :)
    Omaste Witkowski, Photographer
  • Allison Culley, Mom and Apprentice Tree (sinking roots...branching out)
    I am enjoying the Creative Sandbox because of the vibrant community. I can honestly say two of my current creative passions, altered books and negative space, were directly inspired as a result of joining this group.
    Allison Culley, Mom and Apprentice Tree (sinking roots...branching out)

Here's What You Get Inside:

Ready to Jump In?

Join me for an ongoing experiment in claiming creativity, making new friends, learning new skills and techniques, embracing imperfection, cultivating self-compassion and learning to love your work.

For a limited time...

Monthly Membership is just $39/month.

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About Melissa Dinwiddie

Melissa Dinwiddie - artist, performer, creativity instigatorPassion Pluralite Artist, Happiness Catalyst & Creativity Instigator — my mission is to help you turn your creative taps to the "on" position, so you can live the full-color life you long for.

Why? Because I know only too well what it's like to be mired in stuckness.

For too long I kept my creative spirit locked up in a closet. I believed I wasn't creative, that I couldn't be an artist, a musician, a writer...

Those things (I believed) were reserved for the elite few, not for me.


Creativity is inborn in each and every one of us, as is the urge to express our creativity.

A locked-up creative spirit leads to a life of low-grade misery, depression, illness...

We need to create! 

But society sends us very mixed signals about creative expression. We get the message loud and clear that:

  • It's "frivolous" and "self-indulgent"
  • It's only for the chosen few (i.e., not you!)
  • Other things are way more important than such silliness!

That's why it's so important to have a community, a tribe, a gang of kindred spirits, to give you constant reminders and encouragement to keep on going, no matter what.

People who get you. Who get that yes, creative expression is vitally important. Who can walk arm in arm with you, cheer you on, lift you when you're down, and have your back when things go sideways.

People who will share the hard and the vulnerable, along with the wins and the shiny-happy.

That's what we do in the Creative Sandbox. 

  • Laureen Marchand, Artist <br>
    Has anyone noticed how so many people in this group are artistically focused and producing? But all of us became group members because sometime in the past we felt unfocused or stuck or unworthy to create. Then we worked with Melissa Dinwiddie and something changed. Thank you Melissa!
    Laureen Marchand, Artist
  • Jeannie Harwell, Jewelry Artist<br>
    Invaluable and worth every penny.
    Jeannie Harwell, Jewelry Artist

Join the

Creative Sandbox Community A Home & Playground for Generous, Warm-Hearted Women

Get access to my community, my programs and resources.

For a limited time, membership is just $39/month.

When you sign up, you'll get immediate access to the Creative Sandbox membership site
and an invitation to join our private Facebook group.

Monthly Membership

Lock in current member pricing and your price will never go up for as long as you retain your membership.

• 2 live "rally calls" with Melissa each month

• Private online community on Facebook

• Archive of "art play" video tutorials

• Studio work days each month (to GET STUFF DONE!)

• Live monthly ArtShare "show & tell" gatherings

• Members-only pricing on new programs with Melissa

• Live conversations with guest teachers & leaders

• The opportunity to participate in collaborative creative projects

BONUS: Exclusive interviews with creatives of all stripes

BONUS: 15 Marketing Lessons for Artists

What Members Say

  • Vicki Gierach, Aesthetician/Fine Artist<br>
    The Creative Sandbox has helped me stay connected with other people who are also struggling with inner gremlins and finding the time to be creative. Knowing that I'm not alone has led to a small miracle: I PICKED UP A PAINTBRUSH AND STARTED PAINTING AGAIN! I would recommend the Creative Sandbox to anyone who wants to dive deeply into their own journey of self-exploration and creativity. I am so thankful for this group.
    Vicki Gierach, Aesthetician/Fine Artist
  • Cathy Duffy, Entrepreneur
    I love the Creative Sandbox. I was initially hesitant to join, fearful that the “comparison trap” would just add to the gremlin voices in my head, but I have found quite the opposite - a group of incredibly talented and supportive people who encourage and inspire me. As I see kindness modeled, I am learning to speak kindness to myself. No matter the level of talent or ability, we all struggle with the same issues at one time or another. Being part of the Creative Sandbox keeps my toe, so to speak, in the flow of creativity - which makes it so much easier to just jump in and play. After a long, difficult and dry season of my life, it feels really good to discover the joy of creative play again. Thank you, Melissa!
    Cathy Duffy, Entrepreneur
  • Nana Campana, Speaker/Educator<br>
    You've been the catalyst for everything great in my life. Thanks to you, I became AWAKENED and empowered to finally DREAM BIG and know that I could actually reach what I placed before me. I will forever be grateful to you for having reawakened my heart and my passions. It is something I will forever owe you.
    Nana Campana, Speaker/Educator
  • Petrea Tomko, Calligrapher/Artist
    Whatever Melissa offers, I want to be a part of. Inside the Creative Sandbox I found weapons to fight the gremlins. You have people giving you honest helpful feedback for your work. You get to explore new media without damaging repercussions. You get courage. You get hope. When you get down, you get help getting back up. You make friends you long to live near. It's a win-win for all.
    Petrea Tomko, Calligrapher/Artist


When will the live calls be?

Right now rally calls are held on the 1st Thursday of the month at 1pm PT and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 11am PT, but we periodically survey members and adjust the times so that the most people are able to attend. Plus, if you are unable to attend live, you can always leave your question or issue in a special thread, so you'll get to hear the recorded discussion of it later.

ArtShare calls are currently the 2nd Thursday of the month at 6:30am PT, but new ArtShares will be added as member demand for them increases.

Studio Work Days are generally the 3rd Saturday of the month, with check-in calls at 9am, 11am and 1pm PT.

What if the call times aren’t good for me?

For rally calls, there will always be an option to leave your question or issue in a special thread in our Facebook group, so you'll get to hear the recorded discussion of it later.

If you'd like additional Studio Work Day check-ins, as long as the virtual room isn't in use for something else, we'll be happy to add them! And if you'd like to create a new kind of event entirely, the sky's the limit.

Are the calls recorded?

Rally calls are always recorded. We'll post the recording as soon as it's processed, usually within about 24 hours of the call. 


Do I have to attend the live calls?

Nope. Come to as many or as few as you like. Easy, peasy.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Nope, the Creative Sandbox Community membership is a non-refundable investment, and here’s why:

Part of the reason we struggle with creating (and sharing) creative work is because of the emotions tied to it. This community will, by its nature, bring stuff up. That’s one of the reasons a membership in the Creative Sandbox can change your life!

The Creative Sandbox is a container to work on that stuff. It would be irresponsible of me as a teacher and changemaker to offer you an easy out anytime you get the tiniest bit uncomfortable.

In other words, please do not click that buy button unless you’re sure you want this!

I have more questions…

Shoot me an email. Or phone me at 866-538-8268. I’ll be happy to answer whatever questions you’ve got!

  • Jessica Sanders, Artist & Teacher<br>
    I've been following Melissa for quite some time now. So, when she opened up the Creative Sandbox, I was interested. With my busy schedule, I wasn't sure I would have time to participate. I signed up at the last minute with just because I wanted to be involved with the group. The community Melissa has created is so amazing. There's no pressure, yet there is accountability. We're all here to learn, to grow creatively, and to support each other. We face many of the same challenges -- it's so nice to have the support and friendship I have found here. :)
    Jessica Sanders, Artist & Teacher
  • Claudia Tammen, Photographer<br>
    I am learning 2 things from the Creative Sandbox with Melissa. First I notice it is becoming much easier to sit down and make art. Melissa has given us the tools to deal with fear, perfectionistic tendencies, and comparison to others. Now I just sit down and play -- and ideas come all the time. Secondly, I am becomming more compassionate with myself. The permission to "make crap" is so positive. And the group is so supportive with each other. I enjoy posting what I've done and seeing posts from others. Thanks, Melissa!
    Claudia Tammen, Photographer
  • Jeannie Harwell, Jewelry Artist<br>

    Hi Melissa,

    I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed your programs and how much I've gotten out of them.

    As you know, I've done a variety of them now, and I keep coming back because your groups have a really special blend of enthusiasm and energy. I never fail to make true friendships that have continued on outside of the groups, and deeply relish the special connections within the groups that I make with fellow artists or folks in the process of discovering their creativity. We all have different starting points, but it's wonderful to walk together.

    Beyond the connections, there is something about the blend of energy and focus in the groups that gives me that little extra push when working on my own goals, whether it be clutterbusting, creative exploration, or playing in the sandbox.

    Invaluable and worth every penny.

    Thanks for all that you do, your vision and enthusiasm. I'm looking forward to enjoying more of your programs!

    Jeannie Harwell, Jewelry Artist
  • Sharon Wildwind, Author<br>
    I love to see the variety of projects that people work on. Gives me great ideas. And it feels like such a safe place to show things and to ask questions.
    Sharon Wildwind, Author

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