Maybe you want to write poetry, or fiction. Or paint. Or compose music. Or make jewelry. Or...

But if you're anything like me, lots of stuff gets in the way:

  • "Perfectionist Paralysis"
  • Fear and self-doubt (nothing you create feels good enough)
  • Busy-ness (there's never enough time!)
  • If you're not making something functional, like a gift, or something to sell, you just can't seem to make yourself do it

And so much more...

For years those things kept me from doing the things that gave me the most joy.

That all changed when I finally let myself play again.

When I started thinking like a 4-year-old, and envisioning my time and space for creating as a Creative Sandbox, blocks dissolved, and I finally began to live the fully creative, full-color life I'd only dreamed of before.

In Creative Sandbox 101, I share the "rules" I developed for myself, to get me — and keep me — playing and creating. Ten maxims that apply to any creative pursuit.

  • Charyll Newman, Artist
    You are changing the world, Melissa. I'm so grateful to you. And the people I touch that you will never even know exist owe you thanks too.
    Charyll Newman, Artist
  • Tanya Christie
    You have revolutionized the way I approach my art in just one week! You are a genius! From the bottom of my heart, much appreciation!
    Tanya Christie

Join Creative Sandbox 101

How It Works

You Were Made to CreateEvery day for one week (5 days of "lessons" plus an intro day and a bonus day=7 days total), you'll learn some of my most powerful tips and tools for freeing up your creative spirit. We'll cover:

  • Remembering how to play
  • Returning to joy
  • The key to being prolific
  • How to get unstuck
  • What to do when you don't know where to start

And on five of those days you'll get an invitation prompt to try out — a chance to play!

It won't require a big investment of time, either. I know how busy you are!

Even with just a few minutes a day, you'll find your toe back in the creative stream, your creative taps switched to "on."


What You Get

Every day you'll get an email linking you to that day's lesson inside our "classroom," right here on my website.

Each lesson is made up of a theme based on one of my "rules for the Creative Sandbox," a playful invitation prompt (which you can do in 15 minutes or less), and a question for reflection.

You'll also get two videos, plus a bonus video on dealing with self-doubt, and the additional bonuses below…


At the end of the course, you'll also get the following bonuses:

  • Audio Interview with me and Sue Ann Gleason exploring myths and truths about creativity, and delving further into my Creative Sandbox rules
  • Webinar! We'll dive deeper into the Creative Sandbox in this 90-minute recorded webinar, in which I share more tools for developing and maintaining a consistent, sustainable creative practice.
  • Plus more surprise goodies, unveiled on Day 7...
  • Erin Callaway
    I honestly didn't know what to expect when I signed up for Melissa's course but the idea of a "Creative Sandbox" just grabbed me. From the first day I just started having a ton of fun and immediately realized that I had a lovely playful self inside of me... The BIGGEST surprise, though, was how this process helped me reconnect with Playful Erin.

    I cried on the last day when I realized how long I have kept her stuffed away. The joyful part is that I'm now letting her out and I am NOT going to shove her back in the box ever again.

    Thank you Melissa!
    Erin Callaway
  • Kate Wolfe-Jenson
    I read Melissa's 10 Rules for the Creative Sandbox on her blog and heard about them in an interview. I thought they were great ideas and even shared the links with friends, but this course invited me to EXPERIENCE them. I have a new excitement about and commitment to my creative life. Thanks, Melissa!
    Kate Wolfe-Jenson
  • Creative Sandbox 101 really opened me up to realizing that creativity is NOT about being perfect or even the end result-it is about the BEING and DOING of expression, playfulness, fun and experimentation!
    Laurie Richardson

More Testimonials from
Creative Sandbox 101 Grads

  • Michele Gauler
    Creative Sandbox 101 has done something big in a short time... It opened my eyes, or more importantly my heart to something that I think I will not forget. I have experienced the power of play and experimentation and of doing a piece of small joyful art every day. I can feel how this is having an impact on my life and work and I am amazed. Thank you Melissa. :)
    Michele Gauler
  • So wonderful to remember to play, to create a lot, to just start. This course has jump started me. Thanks Melissa for your awesome leadership! The thoughts, 15 min exercises, and reflections are perfect! Some days they are just enough by themselves, and other days they are just a good jump start to my own work. Either way, it's perfect!
    Susan Johnson
  • Alison Roe
    It's been a privilege to share in this group. Thank you all for inspiring me and especially to Melissa for bringing us together and guiding us so wisely. I am taking so much away from these few short days. Action leads to creative breakthroughs. Tiny and daily works. Loved it!
    Alison Roe
  • What changed for me after Creative Sandbox 101 is that I not only go into the studio 6 days per week, but I'm excited to go there. Creative Sandbox 101 helped move me back into a place of creating for myself, and myself alone. That means that studio time is not only fun again, but it's also relaxing and nurturing; just what my studio time should be!

Your Teacher & Guide

Melissa Dinwiddie - creativity instigator, and your secret weapon!That's me, Melissa Dinwiddie, artist, creativity instigator, creativity evangelist! (Yeah, I'm pretty passionate about this stuff.)

I'm a survivor of long-term creative neglect myself, and I have re-discovered, through micro-doses in the Creative Sandbox, that engaging with my creative passions leaves me happier, more resilient, more productive, and more able to care for myself and others.

Years ago I disdained the arts as frivolous and unworthy of my attention. Now, I have come to know in my bones that we are put on the planet to express the creativity inside us.

That is our greatest gift to the world, and I'm on a mission to help people turn their creative taps to the "on" position and follow their own creative callings so that gift doesn't stay locked in a closet.

Fuel your fire, change your world. That's how it works, baby. And my goal is to get you shining bright and bold!  

Join Creative Sandbox 101!

Creative Sandbox 101What is joy worth to you? How much would it be worth to you to be doing your creative thing, instead of just sadly longing for it?

Transform your relationship to your creativity and find joy again for just $39...

If you're ready to (re)claim your creativity and bring the color back into your life, click the below to sign up and let's do this thing!

When you sign up, you'll get the Day One email right way, with immediate access to the Creative Sandbox 101 classroom.

Creative Sandbox 101

Class starts the day you sign up. You'll have access for one year.

One week of daily CS101 emails, lessons, and prompts

BONUS: Audio interview with Sue Ann Gleason

BONUS: Recorded webinar outlining additional Creative Sandbox tools

BONUS: Surprise goodies, unveiled on Day 7...

More Testimonials from
Creative Sandbox 101 Grads

  • Lisa Fisher
    Creative Sandbox 101 is exactly the heartfelt, down-to-earth, practical, simple yet profound nudge I needed to allow the real me to step into creating. I cannot thank you enough, Melissa, for so generously sharing your magic. You’re awesome.
    Lisa Fisher
  • Thank you for what you gave here. It felt like being taken by the hand and being led past the shadowy places that sabotaged the joy of creating. My views have changed and helpful habits are now in place. You are an inspiration. Thank you!
  • Thank you so much for Creative Sandbox 101! I believe I have learned some lifelong habits and tools to help me be more productive. It was inspiring to see the posts responding to each lesson as well. I hope to do more in 2014. Thanks again... you ROCK!
  • Paige Mortensen
    This mini-course gave bite sized suggestions for leaping in and doing. A fun process that provided insight into my own way of playing.
    Paige Mortensen
  • Thanks, Melissa. This was just the jumpstart I needed to get me back into my studio and moving again. I’m waking up with my head full of ideas for projects I want to create. I can hardly wait to get started! I can’t thank you enough! Big Hugs to you!!! xox
    Thia Thurley
  • Cara Randall
    Since I started your program I have started to dream again, and those old feelings that anything is possible are stirring. I'm so grateful to you for that! It's giving me hope during a time in my life when things have been very hard.
    Cara Randall

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