Color Yourself Creative coverColoring is meditative, relaxing and fun. And anyone can do it!

It's one of the most colorful ways to de-stress.

That's why my Creative Sandbox Community decided to produce a collaborative coloring book for you!

Color Yourself Creative contains 40 designs in a variety of styles from 17 members of my Creative Sandbox Community.

Some of the contributors are self-defined artists, and some would never use that label for themselves...

But all of us joined together to create art for YOU!

My only rule: all the contributors had to practice imperfectionism and creating in the Creative Sandbox when creating our art.

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In other words, we had to practice letting go of perfectionism, and ignoring the gremlin voices telling us our work sucks, it's not good enough, etc. etc. etc.

We hope you will color this book in the same spirit!

We are offering Color Yourself Creative at cost, so it's a great deal — about $3.59 at last check.

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