Melissa Dinwiddie - Hooray!!!

You've already figured out it doesn't work to go it alone.

That's why I'm offering this mentorship.

I'm looking for a small number of motivated, coachable women (5 max), who want to:

...combine the power of community (in a secret Facebook group)...

...with weekly group calls (to help you narrow down the specific, measurable actions you're going to take each week)... a tracking system (to help everyone stay accountable)...

...and regular Studio Work Sessions (to get down to work, right alongside each other).

Whether your goal is to write the first draft of your book, or clutterbust your studio, or finally finish that website, let's get you from "I wish..." to "I DID IT!"

(And btw, I'll be right alongside you, working on my own big goals!)

Small By Design

This is not a mass group program — I keep the group size to 5 max, and will accept only those applicants who are committed to doing the work.

The D2D Accelerator is a small group by design, so that everyone gets lots of access to me and to each other. 

Let's do this!

Apply Now

At this time I'm accepting applicants for the next session.
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Take Me to the Application!
  • Denice
    Being in this group has been an incredible motivator for me—it's the only reason so much has been done these past weeks. It's not like I didn't KNOW what I needed to do. I just couldn't/wouldn't get started... or would get started and couldn't/wouldn't sustain the effort for as long as it would take to FINISH.

What's Included

  • Weekly Calls with Melissa

    To help you hone in on the actions you commit to taking over the week. Plus access to my expertise, and the brilliant thinking of the group. (75-90 minutes, depending on group size.)

  • Weekly Update Form

    To get you optimally prepared for each week's call, so your time in the "hot seat" has the greatest effect.

  • Intimate Size = Lots of Attention

    I'm capping the group size at 5 max, so that everyone gets lots of personal attention from me, and from each other.

  • 3 Studio Work Days

    Join my Creative Sandbox community for these work times, where we work alongside everyone else, and get stuff done in tandem.

  • Private Facebook Community

    Community support, to share resources, share your work, and share your wins and challenges.

  • A View Behind the Curtain

    I'll be sharing every step along the way as I work on my own Big Goals for my creative business — behind the scenes views nobody else gets to see!

Your Investment

Are you ready to stop putting your dreams off indefinitely? What will it be worth to you to to be able to say, "I DID IT!" just three months from now?

I've created easy installment plans, to make this as accessible as possible. Or save 10% by paying the full amount up front.

Either way, pay no money now. Just fill out the application, and if I feel you're a good match for a group, I'll send a link to a payment page. 

Your first payment will secure your spot in the group.

Apply Now

I want to help you past the final obstacle: procrastination.

I want to rejoice with you when you put on your new identity as Author, or Business Owner, or The Woman Who Finishes Projects. :)

It will be 3 months to remember. I hope you'll apply to join me!


What are the dates of this program?

I'm assembling a new waiting list of applicants right now, and will start a new session when there are 4 to 5 applicants who can attend during the same time windows.

When will the weekly calls and Studio Work Session calls be?

The days and times of our weekly calls will depend on the pool of accepted applicants, and which times work for everyone. 

Studio Work Day checkins are at 9:00am, 12:00pm, and 3:00pm PDT, on Fridays, generally the 3rd Friday of the month (though this is subject to change depending on my travel schedule).

I may also schedule in additional Studio Work Days if there's enough demand (my schedule allowing).

I have more questions.

Just ask! I'm happy to answer your questions via email, or phone me at 513-393-9315.


  • Denice
    I have to say, your program … has been INSTRUMENTAL in helping me to recalibrate my focus, balance, momentum and commitment to getting it done, whatever “IT” turns out to be!
  • Sharon
    Thank you so much for the past six weeks. Jonathan Fields speaks of pivoting. I feel like I've been not just pivoting, but pirouetting to the point of dizziness. It's a great feeling.
  • Stephanie Slawek
    Knowing I'm not alone in this has been gold. The activity in the group is also a gentle reminder to keep my goal a priority, so I don't give up or put it off YET AGAIN.
    Stephanie Slawek