Maybe you worked your butt off to finally land your dream job... only to find that it didn’t lead to your dream life.

Believe me, I understand what that’s like, because I’ve been there.

My dream job was to make a living as a self-employed artist, but an overworked and overwhelmed self-employed artist ends up in the same place as an overworked and overwhelmed cubicle dweller: the land of crankiness, depression, and anxiety.

All work and no play makes Melissa a dull girl.

That’s what I call living life in black and white. Sure, there are shades of grey in there; it’s not as if every single second sucks, but when what you hunger for is rich, blazing color, black and white just doesn’t cut it.

Where did it all go wrong? And more importantly, how do you get back on track?

Is it possible to go from chaos, overwhelm, and the just-getting-by existence of black-and-white living to the kind of full-color life you heart longs for?

The answer to the last question is a resounding “YES!” You'll find the answers to the other two questions with my Erase the Chaos Toolkit. Erase the Chaos Toolkit

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  • Just what I needed (have done coaching with others successfully but can not coach myself!). Just needed to have a tiny kick and to take on someone else’s thoughts to get me moving again. -Kathryn
  • Just wanted to say thank you for creating this! I came across it at the perfect time, as I've been struggling with working 12 hour days in an office while trying to find the time to pursue my real passion which is writing. This was really, REALLY helpful . Over the course of this afternoon I've gone from just being totally overwhelmed by the massive gap between what my life currently is and what I'd like it to be, to having at least a glimmer of hope, and a couple of steps I can take to move in the right direction. Thank you again!! -Lisa Palladino


This toolkit will help you hone in on the specific causes of YOUR time-crunch chaos, and give you the tools you need to clear your plate to make space for creative joy. Inside you’ll discover:

  • The truth about your mile-long to-do list
  • 3 quick “erasers” to create more white space TODAY
  • The truth nobody tells you about time-management (hint: it’s a lie!)
  • How to hone in on what’s most important, so you can let go of the rest
  • The ONE tool that has the power to change everything in your life for the better
  • …and a lot more


  • 99-page Erase the Chaos PDF Guidebook
  • 18-page Erase the Chaos PDF Companion Workbook, including:
    • 5 Worksheets (to clear the chaos!)
    • Printable Daily & Weekly Actions Chart
    • Printable "5 Questions to Ask Before Saying 'Yes'" miniposter
    • Printable "How to Say No" Scripts to keep by your phone & computer

Erase the Chaos Toolkit

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  • Mandy Thompson
    This book is wonderfully concise and practical. It moves quickly and the supplemental workbook is perfect for slowing me down to really think some things through.

    SO many nuggets, and points for reflection. And I truly appreciate that it's not terribly verbose. You are good at saying things well and clearly and efficiently. Good traits to have when writing about focus and time management and energy management in order to live the full color life! :)

    Thanks for writing this book. It's a gift. -Mandy Thompson
    Mandy Thompson
  • Lisa Pepper-Satkin
    Your book is so great! I'm sitting here loving it. Grateful for you and all that you inspire me to be and do! -Lisa Pepper-Satkin
    Lisa Pepper-Satkin
  • Cathy Lawson
    I'm almost done reading Melissa's new book and I'm printing out the workbook tomorrow. I already feel more "white space" and a lot less anxious about my to do list. I HIGHLY recommend getting this tool kit if you are always trying to get organized or feel like you're under a time crunch! Thank you so much Melissa!! It came at the exact right time. -Cathy Lawson
    Cathy Lawson

Praise for Melissa's Courses:

If someone would have told me three weeks ago, that I would be this contented with my life as it is now unfolding, I would not have believed them. - Charyll Newman

I’ve learned more from your classes in these 9 weeks than from seeing a psychologist for 24 years. - S

This program has given me a TON of confidence — more than my life coach and gym members were even able to give — and, believe me, they tried. - Ethel Watson

Erase the Chaos Toolkit

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