Melissa Dinwiddie - creativity instigator, and your secret weapon!One-on-One Mentoring with Melissa Dinwiddie

If you've been looking for a way to get guidance from me personally, you've come to the right place! NOTE: Unfortunately, I have no open one-on-one spots at the moment, but if you'll add your name and email to the Priority Notifications optin form below, I will let you know as soon as time becomes available.

  • Ethel Watson
    [Working with you] has given me a TON of confidence — more than my life coach and gym members were even able to give — and, believe me, they tried.
    Ethel Watson
  • Charyll Newman
    If someone would have told me three weeks ago, that I would be this contented with my life as it is now unfolding, I would not have believed them.
    Charyll Newman

Why Work One-on-One With Me?

Yes! Let's do this!No matter how many tools you have to deal with fear, self-doubt, resistance, a crazy-jammed-up-calendar, and all the rest, procrastination is still going to keep you stuck unless you have six key elements in place.

These are the 6 Keys that separate the creative dreamers from the creative doers. 

Everyone you know who has accomplished big things has figured out how to incorporate these six elements into their work.

All of the big projects and goals that I've accomplished have been successes because of these six keys. (Hint: The goals and dreams for which I haven't incorporated these six keys haven't gotten done, and are still undone!)

Even if you know the 6 Keys, it's really hard to incorporate them on your own. 

I am your secret weapon.

I'll put on my X-ray vision goggles, and together we will identify your big goals, suss out your blocks, and craft a customized plan to hurdle past obstacles and get you from dream to "DONE!"

I've Got You Covered

Maybe you're struggling with the same things I've helped previous clients with:

  • "My biggest challenge is giving myself permission to create, just for the sake of creating."
  • "I want to make creating a habit, but there are so many different things I feel like I need to do right now, that most days, my wheels just start spinning right away."
  • "Rejection really affects me, so I don't send out newsletters or post things online because I hate the feeling of sending something out into the void."
  • "I feel like an imposter! Even when I'm riding high, all it takes is one negative comment to bring me down and reveal the 'truth' (even though I know it's not the truth!)"
  • "I have such fear of not having talent, but I'm stuck with this desire to be a prolific creator."
  • "I want to live a passionate life! But I need to accomplish all the cooking, cleaning, and keeping things organized, and then I don't have time to devote to my art!"
  • "My deepest desire is to complete my book, but I will do everything else before giving my book my undivided attention."
  • "Where does my creativity end and my business begin? My business is a creative endeavor, but if that's all I focus on, something is missing. I need more playtime, but I have trouble prioritizing play."
  • "I have SO MANY ideas and dreams in my head, so many goals, that I can't focus and get anything done!"
  • "I find it hard to believe in my creative ability, and am particularly prone to getting stuck in the Comparison Trap... I know I'll never be that good, so what's the use in trying?"

If you recognize yourself in any of these, I get it — that used to be me, too! 

It's tough going it alone. It's hard to see what you're truly capable of when negative thoughts are spinning through your head. 

I have the perspective to see what you are truly capable of (and believe me, it's more than you think!) 

I will be your mirror, so you can see yourself the way I see you, and I'll hold your feet to the fire, so you get stuff done.

Plus you get to borrow my brain for whatever you have questions around. :) 

It's the best of coaching, consulting, and mentoring, all wrapped into one.

  • Val Kelly
    Melissa is not just an educator, she’s a warm-hearted, down-to-earth, honest, open, incredibly generous and unselfish, ‘live ‘n kickin’, long-distance friend who is genuinely in your corner; the mentor you’ve been searching for who is not only traveling along the same road as you, but who everyday is ‘walking her talk’ (so important…).
    Val Kelly
  • Sophia Tise
    I just wanted to write to thank you again – how much confidence you have given me, in the last few months, but particularly in our strategy session, to strike out and believe in myself, and also not to suffer fools gladly! You are a real find. You really made me feel human again.
    Sophia Tise
  • Sigrid Stuut
    You see what is happening Melissa? All this stuff you teach makes me expand into being ME.
    Sigrid Stuut
  • Mandy Thompson
    This ... is changing me in deep, fiber-of-my-creative-bones ways… WOW! What a transformation in such a short time!
    Mandy Thompson
  • Naomi Lancet
    Melissa helps creative minds align their spark of energy with their inner passion. She helps clarify one big overwhelming project to breaking down into possible and playful steps. Her specialty lies in coming up with ideas out of the box that I had never considered. So if you’re ready for a surprise and productive acceleration to add on to your ideas, she is the go to person.
    Naomi Lancet
  • Sharon Wildwind
    Thank you so much for the past six weeks. Jonathan Fields speaks of pivoting. I feel like I've been not just pivoting, but pirouetting to the point of dizziness. It's a great feeling.
    Sharon Wildwind
  • Petrea Tomko
    Knowing you has made this last year infinitely richer than previous ones. Thank you for all you have given me...much of which I'm sure not not even aware. I am definitely going to fill this year with creativity, and YOU have equipped me to do this great thing. Bless you.
    Petrea Tomko
  • Renee Fukumoto
    I spent a lot of energy doubting myself and my art's worth. I was unsure of my direction, unsure of my abilities, unsure of my capability to accomplish anything. I found that the combination of Melissa's enthusiasm, encouragement and practicality made sense to me. I have learned new ways to think about my artwork and myself. Finding out that I can change how I view myself and by extension, my work, has given me a much-needed foothold on becoming and expressing who I really am.
    Renee Fukumoto
  • Liana Steinmetz
    Melissa, you are a gem! I am so happy I found you.
    Liana Steinmetz
  • Michele Gauler
    Really enjoying your program and experiencing real change, I can hardly believe it yet as I felt stuck for so many years. Thank you!
    Michele Gauler
  • Delores Rhodes
    I suspect you’ve changed my life! I had so many fears that kept me from doing my art. Thanks to working with you, I feel permission to call myself an artist for the first time. Thank you so much! I am now your biggest fan!!!
    Delores Rhodes
  • S
    I’ve learned more from you in these 9 weeks than from seeing a psychologist for 24 years.
  • Irene Hurdle
    I have taken many courses before...made progress...then lost it after the course finished. It was always 2 steps forward, one(or 2) steps back. The difference is that I have been with Melissa consistently now for about 5 months or so. Some changes all long the way, but it is the cumulative effect of that consistency that has finally created a momentum. I am finally doing things I have wanted to do for a very long time, and it is not as hard as I thought it would be.
    Irene Hurdle
  • Michele Gauler
    There is a thoroughness and sharpness to your thinking that really stands out. The connections you make, the references you know about -- you are like a sponge, soaking up resources, theories, books, etc., and applying them to your topic of living a creative life in a way that is very unique. You are a true authority -- knowledgable and wise, and someone I trust completely to give me clear direction.
    Michele Gauler
  • Allison
    If I knew then what I know now, I would have gladly paid double what I did.

Melissa Dinwiddie - Hooray!!!