Is This You?

You have a hunger to create, but something’s getting in the way. Have any of these thoughts ever run through your mind?

Graphic: "I don't have time!" "I'm not good enough..." "I don't know where to start!" "How do I find my voice?" "I have too many interests... How do I choose??"

You’re Not Alone!

That used to be me, too!

But never fear! You’ve come to the right place! Living A Creative Life is all about getting you past all that gunk, so you can do your creative thing (or find it, if you’re not even sure what it is yet), easefully and joyfully.

The goal? Inspired, unconstrained creative expression. Your own, unique voice. A consistent, sustainable creative practice and a prolific body of work. More play and FUN in your life!

Why? Because doing your creative thing doesn’t just make your life go better — it’s how you change the world. 

Sometimes, though, you need a little help getting from stuck to flow. That’s where I come in.

Melissa Dinwiddie - artist, performer, creativity instigatorHere’s the Truth

You do not need to be another Gandhi or Mother Teresa to change the world for the better. You do not need to find the cure for cancer. You simply need to follow your heart’s desires, what is calling to you. You simply need to feed your hungers.

THAT is how you change the world.

By doing what feeds you, you change your inner state, you become full, happy, joyful, resilient, and you bring THAT energy to everything you do and everyone you encounter.

THAT is changing the world.

Then, by sharing what you create, you touch people. Often in ways you never see or know.

THAT is changing the world.

And by all of the above, you model for others what is possible, and THAT is changing the world.


Mandy-ThompsonThe thing that sets you apart from other creativity experts is that you are grounded & practical. You are not whimsical and “silly”; you have the analytical, practical, scientific approach. You launch your people to make their own creative way.

I am inspired by the whimsical, “silly” ones, but I’m equipped by the understanding of self and personality and process that you offer.

Mandy Thompson


I’m Melissa Dinwiddie – Artist, Performer, Creativity Instigator.

I Turn Creative Women Into Creative World-Changers

Melissa Dinwiddie - artist, performer, Uke Diva, creativity instigatorI’m on a mission to change how the world values creative expression, and that starts with empowering you to feed your creative hungers.

I get you, because I’ve been there. I’ve felt the pain of creative stuckness for long decades at a time. It took me a long time to embrace the labels “Creative” and “Artist,” but now I create  in a variety of expressions — visual art, writing, music, theater… —

I’ve figured out how to get past the struggle and on with the joy. In the journey to the creative life I always hungered for, I’ve collected a whole cartload of tools that anyone can use a bigger, bolder, more creative life, and I want to share them with you!

I share them on the blog, in my podcast, Live Creative Now! (coming soon!), and in my products and programs. And in my Insiders’ Newsletter, just for (wait for it…) insiders.

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Join me in the Creative Uprising, and go get creating!

xo, Melissa <3

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I’ve learned more from your classes in these 9 weeks than from seeing a psychologist for 24 years.



Renee FukumotoIt is your practical, scientific, cognitive approach combined with your creative energy that made you stand out for me. You make me feel that I CAN do it for myself!

Renee Fukumoto


Charmaine DiedericksYou have a grounded, scientific, thoroughly researched approach that gives one a far better understanding of one’s self. I so appreciate your approachability, and the fact that you talk from experience and are not afraid to share your own struggles and vulnerabilities.

Charmaine Diedericks


Laureen MarchandIf you need someone who has your back and can help you get to the place you belong – run, don’t walk, in this woman’s direction!

Laureen Marchand


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